Trustworthy & Reliable Septic Tank Services in Latrobe, PA

Installing, Repairing, & Cleaning Septic Tanks in Pennsylvania

Are you looking for septic tank service in Latrobe, PA? If so, call A Septic Tank Service. A Septic Tank Service is here for septic tank installation, repair, cleaning in Greensburg, Latrobe, and surrounding areas. Dealing with septic tanks in residential and commercial areas can be a long and messy process. However, when you call A Septic Tank Service, you are getting a prompt and efficient service. We take the precautions needed to find, clean, and install septic tanks in the ground. We have over 200 feet of hose, so we do not have to drive on your lawn and ruin it! For safe, clean, and trustworthy septic tank service, call A Septic Tank Service at 724-837-6084 to schedule an appointment. Customers can also contact us online to schedule an appointment.

Trustworthy and Satisfactory Septic Tank Service in Latrobe, PA

A Septic Tank Service provides several services for septic tanks to Latrobe, PA, and surrounding areas. We want to make your life easier by having the tools, technology, and experts for satisfactory septic tank service. We have our certifications and keep up-to-date with regulations when it comes to septic tanks. Some of the services we offer include, but are not limited to:

Dye Testing
Water Well Testing
Sump Pump Sales
Sump Pump Repair
Electric Eel Service
Sand Mount Pump & Septic
Sewer Installation
Waterline Installation
Backhoe Service

Contact Larry Smith at A Septic Tank Service for An Appointment

For reliable service and competitive prices for portable toilets and septic pumping, call A Septic Tank Service. For over 50 years, Larry Smith and his team have been providing our services locally to Greensburg, Latrobe, and surrounding areas. Our staff can find your septic system for you. We are certified for dye testing, sand mound pump and septic installation, and more. Schedule an appointment for installation, repair, cleaning, or plumbing of your septic system at any of our five phone numbers:

Greensburg, PA

Latrobe, PA

Ligonier, PA

Mt. Pleasant, PA

Norvelt, PA

We Serve Areas In And Around Westmoreland County

A Septic Tank Service proudly provides our services to Westmoreland County, PA, and beyond. When customers call us, we take their needs very seriously. As part of our quality customer service promise, we will go above and beyond to deliver our best work. We are proud to serve the following locations:

Trust A Septic Tank Service for trustworthy and reliable septic tank service in Latrobe, PA.