Professional Installation & Repair of Septic Tank
in Latrobe, PA

Reliable Installation and Repair Service in Greensburg, PA

A Septic Tank Service is a reliable service with competitive pricing when it comes to installing and repairing septic tanks. Installing and repairing septic tanks can be a challenging and frustrating experience, and we recommend that you call us, the professionals, to install your septic tank or fix the problems. We also do these difficult jobs at a price that rivals other septic tank companies around the Latrobe and Greensburg, PA area. For installation of septic tanks, repair of septic tanks, portable toilets, and more, call A Septic Tank Service at (724) 837-6084 or contact us online.

Using High-Quality Tools to Install Septic Tanks in Latrobe, PA

There are two types of septic tanks that can be installed in the ground of your residential or commercial property. You can have a gravity-fed system or alternative system, or both, and we can install both. Many times, heavy equipment like a backhoe is used to excavate a place for the new septic tank to go. A Septic Tank Service has a backhoe and many more high-quality tools that allow us to come to your property and install a working septic tank. We also use over 200 feet of hose, so we do not have to drive on your lawn and ruin it! When we come to install your septic tank, we will test the soil, find a clear location with no wells or other underground units nearby, and excavate a space large enough for the tank to fit. After we install the tank, we will cover the pipe and tank with dirt. We strive to be a reliable and honest company that is happy to assist you with the installation of your septic tank.

Call The Professionals to Repair Your Septic Tank

Repairing septic tanks can be a difficult issue that you should call the professionals at A Septic Tank Service to come to your home and business to do. It is easy to tell when there is an issue with a septic tank. There are either sewage backups or a bad odor coming from where your septic tank is located. Fixing that issue is where we come in. We are licensed and experienced with problems that we are able to come to your property with our quality tools and repair the issue. If you have been having problems with backed-up sewage or a bad odor from the yard, call A Septic Tank Service today to come and fix the issue. We are certified in:

Dye Testing
Sand Mound Pump & Septic

DER Department of Environmental Protection DEP 65006
PAG 096102
PA Registered Home Improvement Contractor PA 038586